Emacs – dependency hell :)

I need to install emacs on one server where I can´t use zypper (yep, SuSE Linux :)). So I found packages on SuSE install DVD here they are:

  • ctags-2006.3.7-9.2.x86_64.rpm
  • emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm
  • emacs-info-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm
  • emacs-nox-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm


When you start with command rpm -i emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm emacs-nox-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm you get this error:

error: Failed dependencies:

        emacs-info is needed by emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64

        ctags is needed by emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64

So, ok.. install ctags with emacs-info first.. ( rpm -i ctags-2006.3.7-9.2.x86_64.rpm emacs-info-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm ). Installation sucessful, great!

So, one more try for installing emacs ( rpm -i emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm emacs-nox-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm ). Now this error:

error: Failed dependencies:

        emacs_program is needed by emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64

WTF? Emacs_program? What the hack?! 

So, ok, we will try to install emacs-nox.. 

error: Failed dependencies:

        emacs is needed by emacs-nox-21.3-224.17.x86_64

Amazing.. after while, I figure out, it´s cross dependency.. so what you need is install it both in same command:

rpm -i emacs-21.3-224.17.x86_64.rpm emacs-nox-21.3-224.17.x86_64

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