Compile dxirc on Debian/Ubuntu (from SVN)

Describe how-to compile dxirc from svn.

1. Install the dependencies:
apt-get install libfox-1.6-dev subversion build-essential libssl-dev
(libssl-dev only if you need SSL in client)

2. Dowload lastest code from SVN:
svn checkout dxirc

3. Jump into dxirc folder:
cd dxirc

4. Start compilling..:
./configure --enable-debug --prefix=$HOME/usr && make && make install
(–enable-debug only for debug, not required and –prefix, if you want tidiness in your system)

(next lines are only if you used –prefix)

5. Add the path to PATH, let’s edit ~/.bashrc:
vim ~/.bashrc

6. And add path to PATH:
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/usr/bin

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